Accounting IntelligenceA.I.

Realizing the challenges faced by business owners when doing accounting in a traditional way, GreenPro came out with a business solution, GreenPro AI Accounting, to solve the problems. Utilizing AI technology, GreenPro AI Accounting offers comprehensive set of services, including accounting, mobile invoicing and micro-financing, for Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs). Our AI technology allows all the services to be done in just few simple clicks, eliminating all the cumbersome paperwork. Furthermore, all the transaction records can be found in our system, users can straightly get whatever information they want anywhere, anytime.

Business IntelligenceB.I.

To keep abreast with dynamic market, we use B.I. to organize, analyze and contextualize business data from around the company, in order to support reliable and accurate decision-making. Business intelligence’s highest value is its ability to support data-driven decisions. BI transforms pools of raw data into useful information that informs decisions and leads to actions that yield positive bottom-line impact.

Credit IntelligenceC.I.

Credit Intelligence helps you scale credit-to-cash-no matter your company’s size. You can issue instant credit decisions, standardize credit review processes, conduct advanced portfolio and account analysis. We will continue to offer unique and dynamic products and services, tailored to meet every customer’s unique financial situation. The business remains committed to these plans of expansion and growth and to create value for its clients.

Debt Financing IntelligenceD.I.

Long-established businesses can rely on traditional bank loans to fund growth initiatives, small and middle-market businesses must rely on other types of debt financing. We provide easier way to secure capital outside of banks, but many companies actually prefer these other types of debt financing due to their relative flexibility. Debt financing is not just a single term, either. It encompasses a whole eco-system of distinct funding approaches.

Equity Financing IntelligenceE.I.

Equity financing refers to the sale of company shares in order to raise capital. We are proud proponent for democratisation of wealth and financial inclusion in the ‘new economy’. We believe that matching capital with exciting businesses has a far reaching productive social and economic outcomes.

Financing IntelligenceF.I.

AI needs to be deeply integrated with big data. By incorporating the transactional principles of finance and economics, AI can better adapt to the financial industry and penetrate every transaction process. The current COVID-19 pandemic has shown that insurance processes that require the signing of paper contracts are impractical during certain special events. AI technology is already becoming heavily involved in insurance approval, claims settlement, and underwriting. In addition to intelligent customer service and intelligent marketing, financial intelligence will increasingly penetrate transaction verification and query scenarios, greatly streamlining processes that must currently be performed manually.

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